We are living in a busy life and sometimes I just think: how can I go on and do well tomorrow?!Working long hours and long days. When will I have the time to do some shopping, have some coffee with friends, visit family.....These thoughts keep me busy.

We are just thinking too much.

These lovely people we came across throughout our travels. They are friendly and kind.

"Just stay a little longer"

We realise how lucky we are in this world.

Yes, she has cancer and she's enjoying life with her loved ones. Oh he still has to ride his boat for another 6 hours in this rough river. This old man hopes he could sell his jungle fruits just for a bread today.

Yes those eyes and those smiles have so much to say. Let's just keep one of those Moments.



This is a tree in Leuven hospital. They planted a tree so everybody could hang a leave with their wishes on it. Of course 99% of the wishes are about health and happiness for their loved ones'.